Twerking really?

This shit cracks me up. I love it when something gets a name and it’s a new shiny toy!
Twerking is a striper move from the 90s. All girls of color did it and still do – it is not a new move at all. I’m sorry to burst a few bubbles, but this is how I know TV controls too much of all of our lives. I’m not saying we should all go hang out in strip clubs, either, but I’m just saying … do a little research. I have a bigger problem when I see 4 year olds do this move then when I see Miley Cyrus try to do it. Good lord! There has to be more to the world than this, people. PLEASE help me help you!

Now, here is some news we should really be talking about! Did you hear about 11-year-old Carson Huey- who was just admitted to TCU – Texas Christian University – to study quantum physics?!–>
Thank you
No limits for this young man! (LITERALLY!)

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